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Central Kitsap, WA

Overview of Central Kitsap, WA

Central Kitsap is situated on the idyllic Kitsap Peninsula, which is just a short ferry ride across Puget Sound from Seattle. Central Kitsap has a charming small-town vibe that attracts families and business from all over the country. Because of its easy access to Seattle, a Central Kitsap rental is ideal for many workers who want to come home to a quieter community. There is a thriving school district that offers a wide array of choices for parents. There are also all types of residential properties from beachfront cottages to multi-family homes as well as commercial spaces.

Central Kitsap is a pet friendly environment with gorgeous hiking trails that circle through the entire area. There is also a thriving art community with dozens of art galleries and museums dedicated to exploring the rich culture and heritage of the area. Being surrounded by water affords residents the opportunity for many fun outdoor activities from sailing to kayaking. Thanks to the new Kingston fast ferry, it is even easier to make the journey from the mainland to Central Kitsap.

Investing in Central Kitsap

A place like Kitsap is a gold opportunity for real estate investment. That investment can come in the form of a Central Kitsap rental for long-term or short-term tenants. These are the kind of rental properties that can generate a consistent source of revenue. Of course, investing in a property doesn’t mean becoming a landlord. By utilizing the services of a Central Kitsap property management company like Details Property Management you can achieve that goal of generating an income through real estate with a minimum amount of effort.

Details Property Management is staffed with knowledgeable managers who know the area and the community. Their real estate expertise allows them to not only have a source of reliable vendors to help keep up with the maintenance of a property but also, they will be able to have those properties occupied with the right kinds of tenants. They will do all the screening for you. That will be a huge time save.

When hiring a Central Kitsap property management company like Details Property Management you’ll be able to take advantage of a flexible management package that will insure your Central Kitsap rental property is well-maintained throughout the year. They can even help you identify which properties might be coming onto the market. Investing in Central Kitsap real estate can be a smart move for your financial portfolio. You might even end up retiring here!

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Looking for the right tenant for your rental home? Our team handles all of your marketing needs, using digital & traditional advertising tools to get the word out.

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Our goal is never to simply locate a tenant, but instead, we aim to find the best renter for your property. We carefully screen & qualify every applicant to keep you protected.

Rent Collection

Get your rental income on time each month. Our team handles monthly invoicing, collects payments, and enforces late penalties for tardy renters.


Keep your property in good condition & your tenants happy with our maintenance team on your side. We respond to incoming requests & perform all necessary repairs.

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Get unbeatable peace of mind by allowing our rental experts to inspect your home. We schedule regular visits to keep an eye out for potential problems.

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Say goodbye to the bookkeeping headache, once and for all. We all handle all financial documentation & reporting for you. Sign into your account at any time to take a look.

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Are you carefully monitoring the ordinances and housing guidelines that apply to your rental? Ignoring the law could get you in serious trouble. Breathe easier by letting our professional rental experts keep your home compliant.

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In an increasingly digital world, we feel strongly about providing online tools for our tenants & clients alike. These tech resources help our team stay efficient and effective and allow you to keep a close watch on your home.

"Working with the great staff at Details  has provided us with a sense of security with our rental property. They make the transactions simple and reliable. They understand their clients on both sides of the business. We have worked with them for over a year and plan to continue.”

 - Marla Brady, Property Owner

"Thank you Details PM for taking such good care of our home and those who are blessed to reside there while we’re away. You truly have no idea how secure your company has made us feel.” 

 - Andrea Lewis, Property Owner

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If you own a rental home in Kitsap County and you're tired of taking the DIY approach to property management, working with a professional partner could be a life-changing decision. At Details Property Management, we work with property owners of all shapes and sizes. Whether you only have one home and you're looking for help or you're juggling a portfolio of local properties, we offer flexible solutions to meet your specific needs.

From Bremerton to Silverdale, Port Orchard, and Poulsbo, our team manages properties across Kitsap County. We understand the challenges of this market and we continually provide guidance and support to ensure our clients succeed. We don't just work here, we are local pros who are passionate about Kitscap County! Contact us today to learn how our management team could help you optimize your local property for success.

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